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Getting help navigating the minefield of divorce with an experienced Kansas City divorce attorney is always a smart move. From dividing assets to getting child support, the Law Offices of Rebecca Martin represent your rights and work in your best interests. While we strive to solve issues through mediation, we’re also prepared to battle it out in court if needed.

Law Offices of Rebecca Martin: Family Law

Divorce is often an emotional matter, and we work closely with our clients to make things as smooth as possible. Even though you’re likely in some turmoil, there are practical issues that need to be taken care of. With our guidance and legal knowledge, we work to ensure that you get your fair share when it comes to property, alimony, support and retirement benefits. If you’ve been married for a long time, it’s likely that you and your ex-to-be have accumulated some valuables. With a great attention to detail, we’ll investigate and dig deep.

Kansas City Divorce Attorney: Know Your Options

When you hire Kansas City divorce attorney Rebecca Martin, you’ll be advised of all your divorce options, including mediation, collaborative law and litigation. During mediation, a trained neutral third-party facilitates the discussion between the two parties. Each party must present their viewpoints and demands. The facilitator works to assist the parties in reaching a dissolution agreement.

Like mediation, collaborative law is an out-of-court process led by trained attorneys with the use of neutral third-parties to assist in reaching a divorce settlement agreement. The process includes a team of neutral specialists and the parties’ attorneys instead of a single mediator. Often, a financial planner is used in divorce cases involving high-value assets. Each party engages in negotiations, and there is typically a series of meetings. If an agreement cannot be reached, litigation is the next option.

If the case needs to go to trial, we’re prepared. We will develop a strategy, prepare pre-trial motions, complete exhibits and do a direct examination of all witnesses. In addition, we prepare witnesses for cross-examination. The trial of a divorce case is like a dramatic play that must be presented in a convincing and interesting manner. At the Law Offices of Rebecca Martin, we’re ready to get on the stage.

Whether you’re facing a divorce with complex issues or simple ones, it’s always wise to consult an attorney. Not only can divorce be messy, the law is complex, and legal guidance will ensure the best outcome. Contact attorney Rebecca Martin if you’re considering a divorce. She’s got the legal skills to best represent you.

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