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No One Plans It, But You Can Plan For It

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Caring For Your Family Now And In The Future

Relationships are the cornerstone of our lives. From our youth until the time we are old, we function in many roles: Child, friend, spouse and parent.

Our families keep us connected to the world around us, and to each other. Planning and providing for our family now, and when we are gone, is an essential gift that we give them. After all, without them life would go from Technicolor to black and white.

We give our families many gifts: From vacations to an education, from a heartfelt hug to a willing ear. The single greatest gift we can give them, however, is the gift of planning our estate.



No One Plans It — But You Can Plan For It

For the majority of us, death comes unannounced. Our family is not expecting it, and in their grief and shock, there are many details to attend to. If plans are in place for everything, from burial wishes to asset distribution, your family is then free to concentrate on memories and healing, rather than finances and final wishes.

At our law office, we understand how important it is to have plans in order. Starting with a will or trust and ensuring that it is supported with advanced care directives and powers-of-attorney, we set out to create a course that is easily understood and easily updated when necessary.

Caring, Thoughtful, Attentive

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, and serving the surrounding counties, at that Law Offices of Rebecca Martin you can be assured that your concerns are our concerns.

We listen attentively, offer detailed and personalized legal counsel, and work to make estate planning as seamless and simple as possible. Caring, attentive and thoughtful, our lawyers are committed to ensuring you the best we have to offer. We offer free consultations, so contact us today at 816-945-8759.


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