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Estate Planning

You might be under the false assumption that estate planning is only for those who are wealthy or nearing retirement. However, this simply isn’t true. In reality, virtually everyone has an “estate.” A typical estate isn’t a vineyard in the country with a lovely manor in which to reside. Instead, a typical estate is simply your possessions. Your home, your car, your savings account, your retirement account and the like are all part of what you should consider your estate. Therefore, estate planning is creating a plan for these assets in the event of your death.

Complex Custody

One of the most common disputes in a divorce is child custody. There are also times when a child custody case may be more even complex with issues surrounding child support, allegations of neglect or abuse, special needs of the child and relocation.


Getting help navigating the minefield of divorce with an experienced Kansas City divorce attorney is always a smart move. From dividing assets to getting child support, the Law Offices of Rebecca Martin represent your rights and work in your best interests. While we strive to solve issues through mediation, we’re also prepared to battle it...

Divorce Financials Matter Just as Much as the Divorce Itself

Divorce can be an extremely emotional rollercoaster, but when it comes to proper financial representation during the process, it is extremely important to have a clear head and keep emotions in check. Financial mistakes are common otherwise, and especially with late marriage divorces, they can be extremely costly and hard to recover from. People often...

Why Family Law Issues Need a Good Attorney Right Away

Family legal issues happen every day. They come in the form of marriage issue, child custody and guardianship, child support, marriage issues, home life, distance family management and far more. What used to be a simple concept of family with two parent and average of two kids and the American home has now become a...